Employees become self-empowered when they are pro-active in the management of their own careers (and lives).

Career Management/Planning by AFS Consulting is based on the premise that all of us need to do some basic thinking about what we want from our careers. The program emphasizes coaching over testing – while there will be lots of paper and pencil exercises to do, the real value of the program is the personal guidance given to the client to help them put together their own career plans.

What AFS Consulting offers

Participants receive a copy of the AFS Career Management Manual, and work on a series of exercises to generate an inventory of their interests, skills and achievements, preferences and values, then develop long term, intermediate and short term career options.

Self assessment – Knowing yourself

  • Your Attitude to Change
  • Your Personality Preferences
  • Your Skills and Achievements
  • Your Values


  • Research
  • Involving Others
  • Networking
  • How to ask for and accept feedback

Developing your career plan

  • Your Career Portfolio Summary
  • Your Ideal Work
  • Long Term Outlook, Mid-term Progression Paths, Short Term Development Plan
  • Reaching Out

Moving forward

Personal contracting instrument
This program can also be delivered to groups in 1 or 2-day workshops.

Career Management Workshop

by Doug Jordan

A workbook to help individuals think through what they want to achieve in their careers, and their lives. Includes exercises, questionnaires and information to challenge a person to think, build a long term career plan, then inspire him or her to act to execute on their plan.

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