Go beyond the basics of communications to master the art of tact and diplomacy.

Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.

Isaac Newton

This coaching package includes the following modules.

Coaching, unlike training, occurs in a series of conversations over a more extended period, personalized to the ‘coachee’. Each of the modules will be developed conceptually and then applied to real work situations you are encountering.

Emotional intelligence

Introduction to the four primary elements of emotional intelligence, a brief self-assessment instrument, increasing awareness of others’ emotional signals.

Attentive listening

The neglected part of effective communications; we review various types of listening skills including active listening and empathetic listening.

Getting your message across

The other half of effective communications but more than presentation skills: the ability to express yourself confidently, but without causing social offense or creating a defensive response in the other.

Strategies for tact and diplomacy

While the preceding modules are prerequisite to effective communications it is also important to recognize that the art of tact and diplomacy is situational. So we spend some time considering various situations that may be encountered in organizational interactions and what strategy is most likely to succeed, how to recognize them and then execute properly. ‘Speaking truth to power’ need not be a career limiting move.

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