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A positive work environment leads to more engaged employees and increased productivity.
Here are some of the services we offer to help you create this environment for yourself and for your employees.


Improve your leadership and management effectiveness through one-on-one coaching.



Give your career a boost by reviewing your situation through professional counseling.



We help teams in NGOs, small technology companies and government agencies, get clarity on issues and plans for their preferred futures.



We assist organizations, and individuals, sort through workplace conflict situations.


AFS Weblog: thoughts on life, career and management effectiveness and Avoiding False Steps, by Doug Jordan


April 27th, 2023|

Everybody needs a mentor and I wish I had had one when I needed one. From time to time in any life we come to a crossroad[1], a situation in [...]

We think a Sense of Humour is a management competency. We try to not to take ourselves too seriously and we encourage our clients to ‘lighten up’ also. Check out our blogs and semi-annual cartoons about Wiarton Willi. Read More >

What our clients think

“I found Doug’s 360 feedback and career development program very valuable and Doug’s delivery of the results to be tactful and insightful. I would highly recommend this program to others to support both their personal and professional growth aspirations.”

Malgosia Plucinska, VP of Business Operations, Corel Corporation

For the last 15 years Doug has been a mentor to me in providing leadership advice and insights. We all face challenges in our working lives and Doug provides objective and sound advice. He has helped me examine my strengths and areas for improvement and has been a sounding board for ideas. Doug’s wit and humour eases any painful discussions so I can walk away energized.

Lorraine McKay, Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer, Human Resource Systems Group (HRSG)

Doug has been invaluable in my career development, providing me with the resources and guidance to achieve my goals as an Executive. He is an excellent active listener and thought provoker, providing insightful coaching on motivation, teamwork, leadership, conflict resolution and many other soft skills. I highly recommend Doug as an executive and career coach.

Steve McCaughan, VP, Nokia

I have really appreciated Doug’s services and insight as a facilitator for management effectiveness.  He is a good listener, puts people at ease, provides good advice and truly cares.

Monique DesLauriers, CHRL, Director, Human Resources Universities Canada

I have had the great pleasure of working with Doug over the course of almost 10 years and I can say with great clarity that he has significantly influenced me in all aspects of my career development and planning.  He enables you to intellectually and emotionally unpack yourself, play with your perspectives and helps you bring clarity to cloudy thinking and breathes life into your emotional quotient so that you are revitalised, refreshed and armed with an ability to move forward as a thought leader and influence both your work and those around you in a meaningful manner.  I credit Doug with guiding me through challenging times and preparing me for success.  I have worked with other executive coaches in the past but not a one can hold a candle to what Doug brings to the table.  Just as behind every great athlete there is an incredible coach and so there should be for any executive who truly wishes to make a meaningful impact on their organisation and for me that is Doug Jordan.

David R. Bailey, Director, Plant Production Division, Plant Health and Biosecurity Directorate Policy and Programs Branch Canadian Food Inspection Agency / Government of Canada

There is no one I would trust more than Doug to help address those delicate interpersonal issues that can sometimes develop in otherwise healthy workplaces. His pragmatic yet sensitive approach to conflict mediation and coaching provides his clients with the insight and effective tools they need to help them move past their barriers

Donna Hansen, Manager, Human Resources and Volunteers, National Association of Federal Retirees

I have had the pleasure of working with Doug Jordan for more than 20 years. As part of AFS Consulting, Doug introduced me to the world of 360 degree reviews when I was employed at Cognos.  During these early formative years in my career, his helpful mentoring and constructive feedback helped me objectively assess my strengths and weaknesses as a new manager. Though I have moved on to greater challenges and have taken many interesting pivots in my career, I have regularly sought Doug’s advice through these new adventures and he has always given excellent feedback.  I truly respect his opinion on what role I play in helping to make an organization successful, and more importantly how to build great teams and get the best out of your people.

Scott Clark , Director, R&D Click Canada

AFS Consulting, particularly in the personage of Doug Jordan, coached at least six executives and building managers at Morguard through his program of management effectiveness. He is particularly effective at giving needed feedback but delivered gently, yet clearly. I know everyone who came into contact with Doug has learned something from him.  Dramatic improvement in staff performance was his greatest gift.

Steve Hebert, RPA, General Manager, Property Management, Office & Industrial Properties, Eastern Canada

AFS Consulting has assisted my team on numerous occasions over the past five years.  Doug Jordan provides invaluable insight into organizational effectiveness and personnel evaluation.

I engaged Doug to work with staff to improve on their awareness of areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.  He provides tools and suggestions on how to make positive changes and improve upon their overall effectiveness as employees and as managers.  In working directly with Doug, he provided strategic advice on specific personnel issues, framework for evaluating options and outcomes, and strategies for effecting positive change.  This was a great benefit in navigating the many facets of personnel issues and change management.

Doug’s extensive knowledge and experience, when coupled with his cheerful manner, made tackling some difficult issues all the easier.

Bernie Myers , Senior Vice-President, Real Property, Regional Group

Doug Jordan and I have been colleagues for over twenty years, collaborating to offer career coaching and transition to small and large organizations; and also doing work climate assessments to support organizational change. We’ve become friends through the process, and I can attest that Doug is kind and generous in offering support, and also fearless in challenging the blinders we place in front of ourselves. I’ve found that my professional and personal relationship with Doug has made me more competent in assessing myself clearly, and simultaneously  given me greater confidence to make bold moves in my work and life.

Sylvie Plante, SPEC Consulting, Ottawa

Sylvie Plante, SPEC Consulting, Ottawa

Doug provided career coaching and mentorship to me as I was starting out in my Human Resources career. As a recent graduate, Doug’s guidance and assistance were invaluable in helping me find employment. He facilitated networking opportunities and helped prepare me for the job search process. Doug has a wealth of experience and I greatly appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge with me. We continue to be in touch today, many years later!

Sarah Rainboth D’Angelo, Human Resources Manager, Giant Tiger

Doug, I wanted to thank you for your book, which I read, cover to cover in one sitting. Thought it is excellent. I love your prose, focus, analysis and material. It is logical, clear and well structured… and not too long. Reading this book is like attending a coaching/mentoring session with you all over again.

Yoram Lapid, Principal, BW Maple Consulting

I met Doug Jordan some years ago when I was let go from the company that I joined some 20 years earlier as one of the first employees. I felt betrayed and devastated. Working with Doug helped me turn around and recognize that this experience was the best thing that happened to me!

Doug has guided me through a process that helped redefine and relaunch my professional trajectory. As a coach and mentor he challenged me to embark on new experiences and thrive; he helped to be open to relocating, travel and finding a new life partner. We remain friends and engage each other for lively debate on esoteric subjects, occasional support and insightful advice.

Yoram Lapid, Principal, BW Maple Consulting

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Doug Jordan at AFS Consulting for over fifteen years, soliciting his expertise and insights throughout most of my career. AFS Consulting deploys a unique, pragmatic and effective approach to career development and coaching which continues to positively influence my career direction and decisions. I highly recommend Doug for his personable, inquisitive and analytical approach to career development. He will take you on a personalized journey which will help you to understand and better position yourself for career change, recognize your career aspirations, and chart a course on how to achieve them.

Barry McArthur Director, Global Analyst Relations, Entrust DataCard

I have had the pleasure of working with Doug on a number of occasions in recent years. In particular:

  • Coaching (site leader and senior manager level)
  • Team development for the site and regional leadership team

Doug has also provided advice and counsel on a range of employee survey initiatives

With his significant experience, he brings a calm and insightful perspective to the issues at hand, and is particularly good at the 1:1 follow-up.

Christopher Judge, Head of Operations - Novozymes Canada Limited

H+K Canada has retained Doug over the years to provide executive coaching to emerging leaders. He has had to help guide people to have the self awareness needed to develop their leadership abilities. The feedback we received was always that Doug was a great listener who knew what questions to ask to allow the individual to go deep and open-up to get to the central issues. That is a rare ability and Doug has it.

Goldy Hyder, President & CEO Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Doug has an uncanny ability to help people understand how their actions and attitudes influence outcomes. He succeeds in expertly guiding individuals toward greater self-awareness and stronger leadership capacity.

Edward Gillis, Chief Operating Office, PIPSC

I have known Doug Jordan since 1991 when we shared experiences as leaders of independent consulting firms. Over the years, we collaborated on team assignments where we each took on the role of lead consultant depending upon whose client it was. I later hired him to teach Organizational Behaviour in my Fast Track Human Resources program at Carleton University because I found him to not only be very knowledgeable on the subject but also engaging in the classroom. Later in an Executive HR Certificate program, he mentored the then Assistant High Commissioner of New Zealand in completing a research thesis. He has facilitated a variety of meetings and workshops for me, including strategic planning for Daybreak Non Profit Housing. All in all, Doug Jordan delivers on the promise: knowledgeable, experienced, entertaining, respectful and professional. As a peer, he was a delight to work alongside with, as a client one could not ask for more.

Alice Kubicek, Principal, AKPS Consulting, and Executive Director, Daybreak Non-Profit Housing

AFS Consulting, particularly in the personage of Doug Jordan, coached at least six executives and senior consultants in Hill & Knowlton through his program of management effectiveness. He is particularly effective at collecting information through his 360 feedback process and then giving needed feedback but delivered gently, yet clearly. I know everyone who came into contact with Doug has appreciated his style and insights. Influencing staff to achieve real improvement in performance and interpersonal effectiveness was his greatest gift.

Doug also offered human resources advice, drawing on his wealth of experience as an H. R. Executive.

Michael Coates, formerly Chairman, Hill & Knowlton; now President and CEO, Rubicon Strategy

My work with Doug from AFS Consulting spanned over several months. I found his expert advice, incite full analysis and support very helpful during his well organized process. To this day, I still use my learning and his advice to guide my behaviours and work.

Kelly Wiley, Director, Marketing and Communications University Hospitals Kingston Foundation

Doug has an amazing talent to see through the noise to get to the heart of an issue or challenge and then laser in on very practical and valuable solutions. His knowledge of leadership and management is not only deep and insightful but entertaining and impactful as well.  He’s an invaluable resource to any leader or organization who is looking for real solutions.

Anne Graham, Vice President, Human Resources, Pythian Corp.

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters hired Doug on several occasions to assist with matters relating to coaching senior and mid-management staff personnel, evaluation of managerial skills, career transitioning, and advising on personnel matters. Doug provides great insight and can always be trusted to work with our staff members to deliver professional and positive results.  I would recommend the Doug to any organization that requires services from AFS Consulting for their staff.

Sylvie Bissonnette, V.P., Finance & Administration & CFO, Canadian Association of Broadcasters

I have worked with Doug on multiple occasions on different personal projects, principally in conflict resolution and mediation, and have found him to be consistently effective. His deep experience and wide knowledge crosses industries and gives him a very pragmatic approach that facilitates getting out of one’s own way. His approach is non-judgmental and realistic, and his empathy and communication skills mean time with him is always well spent and productive in accomplishing the goal.

Peter Atkinson, Your Content Goes Here

I had the pleasure of working with Doug when my employer decided to reorganize and to eliminate my position after 18 years of service. This was a difficult time for me and I truly did not know where to start looking for another job.  Doug was instrumental in helping me rise above this tragedy and helped me to prepare a resumé, determine where I needed to focus my searches and thanks to him, I was able find my next senior-level position within a few months.

Leo Bissonnette, District Manager, Walker Environmental

I have had the pleasure of working with Doug personally on several occasions, and have also watched him ‘prepare and accellerate’ others for executive responsibility. He has had a profound and positive impact on me, as well as my career, for which I am very grateful. I would recommend Doug to anyone looking to understand themselves better within their own career context, and for those looking to grow into the executive ranks.

John Sicard, President & CEO, Kinaxis, Your Content Goes Here

The AFS Executive Coaching program opened my eyes to the motivations behind my colleagues and my own behaviours. I enjoyed very much working with Doug and found our sessions to be very intellectually stimulating. Time and money well spent.

Luc Vezina, CEO, Vanilla Forums Inc, Your Content Goes Here

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