Everybody needs a mentor and I wish I had had one when I needed one.

From time to time in any life we come to a crossroad[1], a situation in which we have to make a decision, make a choice. Those are the times when you need an advisor, someone in your corner, someone who can open a door otherwise closed to you, a mentor.

Read that last sentence again.

Most people think of a mentor as someone, usually older, wiser and more experienced, who will give you sage advice from time to time during your life. Maybe even take you to lunch. But when the really critical moments come, it’s more than advice that you need. You also need a hand; an introduction, a recommendation; real help. Without that help, an opportunity that might make a significant difference may not become manifest. At times like these it isn’t the advice we need from a mentor, it’s his connections. The critical moment comes and you may (or may not) get some critical advice, but you still have to make the decision. And take the action. And that may be daunting, a step just a little too high. You need somebody to open that door; to make that call for you, to get that appointment.