Invested employees are better employees.

Employee engagement is the term in use today to describe the desirability of having full involvement and commitment of employees in the enterprise. It is more than employee loyalty; it occurs when employees proactively behave in the best interests of the enterprise, resulting in high performing organizations. It has been found that organizations that actively promote employee engagement experience higher levels of productivity and performance, better customer satisfaction, higher rates of attraction and retention of employees, lower attrition and absenteeism and over all higher profitability and stock growth.

AFS Consulting has developed and delivered a half-day workshop in Employee Engagement to help managers understand the concept, conduct a simple assessment of their own organization and produce a personal action plan as to what each participant might do to enhance or begin the process of achieving higher levels of employee engagement in their own organization.

This workshop can lead to the organization conducting a more in-depth survey of employees to identify the degree to which engagement exists in the organization and what initiatives or improvements might be introduced to create a culture of employee engagement.

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