Recruiting assistance

Many of our smaller clients, mainly NGOs, have asked for our assistance in recruiting and selecting key talent. We don’t do confidential search the classic headhunting but we do assist clients we know well in each step of the recruiting process as needed.

  • Defining requirements
  • Screening applicants: long lists and short lists
  • Channeling fit
  • Assisting in decision making
  • Reference checking
  • Facilitating offer and acceptance.

The contracting dialogue with our clients usually goes like this:

Client “We need help in recruiting a director of x”
AFSC “We don’t do search.”
Client “Yes but you know us, our mandate, our culture, the personalities; you can help us.”
AFSC “We don’t do search.”
Client “Yes but you have insight into people and good judgment, you are detached, and you pay attention to process.”
AFSC “We don’t do search”
Client “And we’ll pay you your competitive rates.”
AFSC “Oh well then…”