Executive coaching

Executive Coaching is a process of helping managers and leaders increase his or her self-awareness and effectiveness in interpersonal, communications and influencing skills using psychometric tools, 360 feedback, coaching conversations and development planning.

Carreer counseling

Whether your need is long term career planning, or support in transition following job loss, we help you to understand your preferences, your interests, your skills, and your potential. Then we guide you to apply those findings to your career development, helping you move forward.

Strategic planning

Team Effectiveness, and its close cousin, Employee Engagement, depends on many factors but in our view, the critical thing is having shared purpose and agreed common goals. So for us, ‘Team Building’ (no matter what level the team) is mainly about bringing key stakeholders together and facilitating problem solving, most commonly developing a strategic plan.

Conflict mediation and investigation

Conflict resolution can range from mediating parties in conflict, to conducting formal harassment investigations, to assisting the parties in coping.