AFS Consulting is an Ottawa based firm concerned primarily with coaching and counseling people in the art and science of living productive satisfying lives. As you will read on my main web-site, we focus on management/executive effectiveness coaching and career effectiveness counseling.

This ‘blog’ is intended to be a place where I, Doug Jordan, Principal of AFS Consulting, can post articles and random thoughts for you, the curious reader, on the funneled themes of management, career and life effectiveness. (Or maybe we should turn the funnel the other way around and think of it terms of life, career and management effectiveness.)

There will be no particular order to the thoughts: they will get posted as I think of things, or maybe a particular set of correspondence with a client or contact might be deemed worthy of wider airing.

Our themes may range quite widely: not just in areas of human resources management, and general management, but also into the realms of psychology and behaviour (particularly in the context of organization behaviour), consciousness and happiness. You may have to stretch a bit to see how the ideas bear on the original purpose: management and career effectiveness counseling. But give me a little license.

Articles of a more permanent import may be posted to the main AFS Consulting web-site.

Readers are welcome to comment on my thoughts. I don’t promise to respond to everyone. I do reserve the right to delete offensive or inappropriate commentary. Interesting discussion may be subsequently converted into a more general article for posting or publishing elsewhere, without attribution.

Mostly I aim to educate, inform and hopefully entertain. After all, humour is one of the great virtues: it prevents us from taking ourselves too seriously.